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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Favorites 2015

Wow! August has been a whirlwind month for me; I got settled into my new apartment, worked with Sage on the whole barking situation, planned and attended a Sweet 16, and experienced my busiest month at work. I can't believe it's over! And more importantly I can't believe I managed to accumulate some favorites :)

Let's dive in!

Real Techniques
Expert Face Brush
I thought I'd given up using brushes for my foundation in favor of the Real Techniques sponge. But after seeing them use this brush on Pixiwoo constantly, I finally found it in Ulta. And OMG it has completely changed my mind. It applies makeup in such a natural way that still provides coverage. It just smooths the foundation or CC cream over your skin so silky smooth! It has also helped me use less product which I love!

High Definition Powder
Another game changer for me! I have given up primers for my oily skin and have just been using this powder (I think I'll do a tutorial on this technique). It's a translucent powder so it doesn't change the color of you foundation at all but it also doesn't really provide any coverage. It does provide that blurring affect we all love and helps your makeup stay longer. Also it's a super fine almost silky powder so it doesn't give you that undesirable cakey look.

Glow Oil Treatment
I had this sitting in my collection of trial-size stuff from Ipsy and decided to give it a go (this is not a cruelty-free product) and I'm glad I did. It has been way too humid here for my hair, which never happens in Colorado! But my hair has been frizzy and out of control. So back to the product; this oil has helped my hair so much! It's softer, shinier and when I wear it curly it's so much more defined. I might have to get the full size when this is done.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Dark & Deep Brown
I love a great dry shampoo as my hair gets crazy oily on day 2. It soaks up the oils and since it's brown there's no awkward white residue to rub in, and it gives great volume. Love this stuff!

100% Pure
Fruit Pigmented Mascara - Black Tea
Ahh... the quest for the perfect mascara. This has to be one of my favorite makeup items to test out. Gotta love them lashes! And this mascara is really great natural or no! It provides great volume and definition, the brush is great at coating all your lashes, and the color is deep black... yes, yes, and yes! The only problem I find is that due to the issues I've been having with my eyes I'm in need of waterproof mascaras and this is not waterproof. But I've just been swiping a bit of some waterproof mascara on and call it good!

I hope you all had a wonderful August, and here's to September!

Update: I had previously stated that Batiste products were not cruelty-free, that is incorrect. They are cruelty-free products.


  1. I've been looking for a more natural mascara. How bad does it run? I have watery eyes... I've seen good things about this one.

    1. It is great for the bold, fluttery lashes I love, but if you have watery eyes I don't know that this mascara would stay on too well. It's not terrible running. But let me say this, I don't wear any makeup on my lower lash line due to the eye situation, and by midday it looks like I've got a full blow smokey eye.

  2. Great post! I loved seeing your favorites, I have also been loving the Batiste Dry Shampoo in dark and deep too!

    1. It's so great when you find a dry shampoo you can trust. I know I use mine every other day like clockwork :)