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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Updating my Vanity

As you probably know, I've moved recently (twice!) and because of this some of my furniture was damaged. Luckily my good/antique furniture is fine, but some of my cheaper (aka almost wood) pieces got pretty scratched up. So I thought it was time to try out some DIY.

I had this idea to use contact paper to revitalize my desk-turned-vanity with a marble finish. I wasn't quite sure how to go about it, where to find the paper, or really my plan. But, one day while strolling through Big Lots I found a blue marble contact paper for about $3... so yea I had to get me some o' that!

So I got my stuff together and just went for it! Take a look below at my process and the really cool results :)

Here is the vanity before hand
And the crazy scratches from the moves, they're all over!
Got my supplies together, oh and some tape to help keep things still.
I laid the contact paper out
And hung it over the edges about a 1/2 an inch
Once everything was lined up I started sticking
This is the awkward way I unrolled and laid it down while smoothing lumps
Then I trimmed the edges with a utility knife
Yay! Awkward hand pictures!
And it's done!
And the final product, I love it :)
Overall for around $3 the turned out great, I love it and it just adds something extra to the room and the table. I hope you all get some inspiration because as DIYs go this one was easy!

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