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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2 Exciting Cruelty-free Drugstore Foudations

I've been on the search for an amazing foundation, as I'm sure we all have at one time or another. I'm looking for one with light-to-medium coverage, that's a natural finish, and for all-that-is-holy doesn't look cakey. And damnit everything seems to look cakey on me. I'd spent hours in Sephora swatching my hand and found nothing that seemes interesting. It wasn't until I was at Ulta with my mom that I found 2 options that caught my eye.

On a whim I bought them both and I'm so glad I did! These 2 foundations have impressed so much more than the dozen I tested from high-end brands. 

Okay no more gushing, here are my 2 new favorite foundations!

The Everyday Foundation

This is an extremely lightweight foundation that evens out my skintone and provides just enough coverage to make me do a happy dance. Also great pluses; it contains SPF 50 (which is awesome!) and it doesn't look cakey! Also, it seems to last a good 6-8 hours on my skin, which is a rarity indeed. Score! For only around $11, I think this stuff is awesome for everyday wear. 

To use: I use mostly the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (which I wrote about here), I just dip it in the cushion and away I go! 

The Custom Coverage Foundation

A few years ago I wrote about the Cover FX Cusom Cover Drops which I really liked but I found it hard to justify buying the foundation plus a good medium to mix it with... talk about pricey! So I was very excited to learn that NYX just launched a similar product for around $14 - which is a little expensive for the drugstore. But it's worth it, trust me. 

You can customize your coverage by using more or less drops. It blends and spreads out pretty damn amazingly across your face and provides a nice natural/satin finish. The staying power on this is about the same as the Physician's Formula, though I do find that I get a little extra shiny while wearing this. Nothing some powder can't fix. 

To use: I would suggest a Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (That's what I have been using) for a flawless finish. I dot the drops right on the sponge and then dab it all over my face before I blend it in. I use 3 drops for a medium coverage and 4-5 for high coverage. 

Half of me wants to say shit, I wasted my time with all these other products and testing! But the other half of me says yay! If I hadn't tested all those other foundations I wouldn't have recognized the gold on face!

I hope you all find your dream foundations too! And I'd love to hear what you're loving currently in the comments below. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Dressed Up Looks If You Hate Dresses

Ok, I can't be the only one to hate wearing dresses (or skirts) can I? I've tried and tried and tried... a lot of dresses people, and I just can't find one the I love. Dresses either make me look pregnant, like I'm 5, lumpy, or way to booby. It's not a good look people, it's just not.

I've come a long way in the past few years with body confidence, but this just doesn't translate well for dress shopping. And yes, yes I know Spanx (or a version of them) would help smooth my lumps and form my ass and all of that, but have any of you wore them? Not comfortable! They make me want to puke!

So, enough bitching... I've made a decision. Women don't have to wear dresses to be formal. Now if only society would accept that, I'd be so happy.

Below are 3 outfits I would wear for a party or a night out. Not super formal, we're not there yet. But I think these pieces would replace a dress easily for ladies who like to wear the pants!

Party Outfits that aren't Dresses

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Messy Waves and Curly Hair Tutorial

Pictures by Krysta Kaptures

First off, Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2017 is a great year for us all... and that we have great hair to go with it!

This tutorial has been requested for a while, so I'm glad to finally bring it to you all. And a special shoutout and thank you to Krysta for being my photographer (see her info at the end) 

Usually I curl my hair the morning after I wash it and go for a messy curls look for the day. Then for day 2 I brush out the curls for more of a wavy hair look. To see how I do it, check out the tutorial below

Everyday Curls

I use a Nume Curling Wand (see my review here) for this, which I love because my curls last for 2 whole days (sometimes more if I'm feeling lazy). 

To start I seperate my hair into sections using a hair clip; 1st the bottom layer, 2nd the middle layer, and finally the top layer. 

I take approximately 1-inch sections and curl away from my face. I only hold for about 5 seconds, but up to 7 seconds on larger sections. Be careful to a) use the glove that comes with the wand, b) don't keep your hair on too long, we don't want to smell burning hair or hands here!

I finish each layer with hairspray and/or dry texturizing spray. I'm not showing a hairspray here because I can't find a good cruelty-free option (any recommendations?).

And I do this all over my head... which only takes about 10 minutes once you get the hang of it. And I have a lot of hair, so you might be able to get it done in 5.

Messy Curls

Once my hair has cooled, I seperate and pull apart the curls with my fingers to get that messy bedhead look. I like to rough it up a bit at roots (great time for that texturizing spray) for extra volume.

Pretty Waves

On day 2 I douse my hair in dry shampoo, rub that in, then brush out the messy curls for a more fluffy wavy hair look. 

*If you have trouble with keeping the curls, you can twist your hair back into curl shape after brushing. Or you can throw a few new curls in with the wand. 

Finally, if my hair is looking rough at the bottoms, I'll finish off with some hair oil.

So there you have it, my 2 day curly hair tutorial. Let me know if you try this method, I'd love to see your pics!

Photographer: Krysta from Krysta Kaptures