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Monday, June 30, 2014

New Week New Nails - July 4th!

As we prepare for July 4th, I thought I'd try out a fun bright and darker blue on my nails. I used Sinful Colors in Midnight Blue.

What do you think? Maybe a little much for everyday, but I think it's fun and unexpected with longer oval nails!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Get the Look: Casual Friday

Get the Look: Casual Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

I thought I'd post my ideal outfit for casual/jeans Fridays! I only get these once a month, so I gotta make it count. I love the sleeveless collared shirt for summers in the office with a pair of skinny jeans and some fun accessories. This may be too matchy-matchy for some with the jewelry, but it's just who I am :)

As for the shoes, I'm in love with these and may need to go out and get some. Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with leopard print. I used to think it was so tacky, but oh how I have learned different. Now if in doubt with accessories or how to jazz up an outfit (which I often am) I add leopard print shoes!

Well have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NYX Cosmetics - My Review

As NYX is a cruelty free company and very reasonably priced, I have bought quite a few of their products. So I thought I'd lay it all out for you, what I like, what I don't and which products I would recommend. Remember, this is all my personal opinion and I am not receiving any compensation from this company.

First, my overall impression on NYX Cosmetics is that they are a good quality product for a great price. For the most part their products deliver what they saw, offer good color pay out and last all day.

Let's begin!

#1: Dark Circle Concealer - I have tried many drugstore concealers as I have under-eye circles a raccoon would envy and none have worked as well as this stuff does. It has an orange tint that counteracts the blue but it doesn't show up as orange, so you won't look like an Oompa Loompa. It covers well and lasts pretty well throughout the day. The only down fall of this product is that it is a little thick so it can sometimes settles into those little lines, I have tried to thin it out a little with foundation and that does help.

#2: Adorable Shadow Palette - This is by far the biggest let down of the NYX products I've used so far, which makes me really sad as I was excited for a cheaper palette option for us girls on a budget! The two brown shadows on the left, and the pink do work really well; they have really great color payoff blend pretty well, don't crease and last all day plus some. But.... The light tan and other brown, which both are sparkly, and the white colors don't work at all. I was very disappointed with these colors. It's very hard to get any color on your brush or finger and forget about your lid. Grrr... but I suppose not everything can be great.

#3: Matte Bronzer - This bronzer is really great for both contouring and just general bronzing. I think it blends really well and doesn't look muddy on the face. I also like that it's matte, so there's no sparkle or shine which makes it really versatile and great for everyday wear. I also use it as eye shadow occasionally and it works really well. 

#4: Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks (Chic and Pure Nude) - These lipsticks are a great value, they go on smooth and are moisturizing, they last quite a bit and the colors are really pretty. At first, I didn't like the colors as I thought they were too light on me (I have big bright lips) but the more I wear them, the more I like them. I am just not used to lipstick as I've always been reluctant to wear it due to these big 'ol lips of mine :) Below are the swatches of each color, I think they're really nice and would for a lot of skin tones.The one on the left is a bright light pink and the one on the right is a pale nude, although it does look like melon in the picture.
Chic - a nice pretty like pink

#5: Retractable Eye Liner in White - This is just old fashioned eye liner, in white... I use this on my bottom water line to brighten my eyes and make them look bigger. It works pretty well, though it doesn't last as long as I want. But I guess that can be expected as it is in a "water" line.

Well that's it, my opinion of these products. Comment below and let me know if you have any NYX favorites!

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Week In My Wardrobe -- Summer Work Style

Well this week's post took a while!

I decided to take a picture each morning of my outfit to show you all what I've been wearing.

And this is what I wore! Work outfits have been one of the hardest personal style challenges for me. I constantly struggle with dressing too young or too old and too casual. Now granted I've never gotten in reprimanded at work for clothing, so I'm not wearing inappropriate things. But I am still trying to find the balance that I'm happy with, clothes I enjoy putting on in the morning, and clothes that are still stylish and professional. 

Also, I don't know if anyone else has this issue but I struggle with finding stores to shop in. In Forever 21 much of their stuff is a little too young for me, where as most of the stuff in Ann Taylor I feel is a little too old. Does anyone have any suggestions, or am I just being crazy about this "dressing for my age" thing?

Overall what style I would like for work is slim cut pants or skirts with a blouse and blazer when it's cool. I like the slim cut style because I've got hips people! And I really don't like when pants are cut to fall from my hip because I feel it makes the rest of me look big as well. 

So this is where I'm starting in my personal style journey for work. I think my goals will be:
  • To purchase some well made items that I will wear often and really I come slim ankle-length pants!
  • Discover which colors I like and which ones look good on me... that purple on Wednesday may not be on the list :(
  • Find out which cuts suit me for shirts and that I can wear comfortably at work. I am a little broad in the shoulders and have a large chest, so this might be the biggest challenge.
  • Keep scouring thrift stores for those funky finds!
Below is a list of what I wore each day--
  • MONDAY - Shirt Express, Pants From Marshalls (similar style here), Shoes Kenneth Cole
  • TUESDAY - Shirt & Skirt Target
  • WEDNESDAY - Dress Thrift Store (similar dress here), Shoes Steve Madden
  • THURSDAY - Blouse Express, Pants Same as Monday, Shoes Aldo
  • FRIDAY - Blouse Thrift Store, Pants Maurice's, Shoes Same as Thursday
Overall, I this week was a challenge for me as I think pictures show more issues and problem spots than just a quick look in the mirror. It was hard for me to get over how the pictures showed I looked versus what I thought I looked like. So I will keep working on my confidence... and try to get back into working out!

Let me know what you thought of my clothes this week and if you have any suggestions for work outfits and stores!

Peace, Love & Sassy Style!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Product Review: Current Mascaras

For the last 2 or 3 months I've been trying out a new mascara and thought I'd write a review on it. Also I will add a little blurb at the end on my backup mascara that costs a little less.

I have been blessed with pretty long thick eyelashes (I know, I'm even rolling my eyes as I'm typing it) so I don't need to get any crazy thickening or lengthening formula. What I look for in a good mascara is:

  • Something that doesn't clump
  • Not too wet that I can't layer it
  • Not too dry that it gets all flaky
  • Black
  • A wand that can reach all my lashes 
Not too much to ask for right?

Recently on a trip to Ulta, I saw the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and decided that I had to give it a try. Yep, it was the name that for sure sold me on this product.

The only color they offer is black, which is the only color I want any way so that's fine with me. The consistency is pretty liquid. I like this because it goes on easily with little effort. This does make it kind of hard to layer though without making it clump. But luckily the coverage is really good so I don't want to layer much unless I'm going for a really dramatic eye look. 

This is a BIG-BRUSHED mascara!

I don't know if you can tell from this bitter, but it's a BIG brush. It has an hourglass shape with longer bristles near the top and shorter ones near the bottom. There are days when I love the big brush and how little effort it takes me to put the mascara on and there are days I long for a little brush and the exactness that offers.

Let me clarify a little bit. The big brush allows you to brush on the mascaras lightly and still cover each lash. However, if like me, you like to wiggle and push that mascara all the way down to the roots, you might have a problem. The wiggling motion puts too much product on gets clumpy which I am not a fan of at all. The big brush does make getting the lower lashes pretty easy, but if you want to get those little ones in each corner it can be tricky. And I always end up with mascara on my face. 

So overall this mascara really does make my lashes long and thick and wispy, which I adore! For an everyday look. But, the cons are that when I want to go more dramatic (which I often do) I struggle with the fact that I'm not able to layer or add multiple coats very easily. 

My Previous Mascara (and cheaper option)

Before this new Too Faced mascara I used the Physician's Formula OrganicWear Fake Out Mascara in Ultra Black. Again, not perfect but really good. 

The formula for this mascara is a little dry so I did find that it flaked if I wore it too long. But I was able to layer and layer... and layer without clumps. 

The brush is one of those plastic/silicone ones and offers precision but is very medium sized. But I did feel that it was hard to get the lower lashes with this brush and it doesn't really give that wispy look. 

As always, I'm still looking for that dream mascara that will make people say WOW when they see my eyes. But until then, these two are really good options. 


Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Current Skincare Routine

So for the last year or so (and especially the last few months) my skin has gone absolutely crazy. I'll always had pretty even and clear skin, even during my teen years. I've had a few blemishes I mean and some blackheads, but never anything major. Then recently my skin just decided to hit puberty... many, many years too late.

It started with a pimple that hasn't gone away for the last year or so on my cheek, then red dots all over my face. Once I started getting used to that then I had a really bad flare-up with painful red pimples around my temple. It was gross to say the least!

I decided I needed to make a change in my skincare routine to fix this issue. First, I added more exfoliating to my routine. I used Alba Botanica Hawaiian Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub for a while and I like it but it does leave a bit of a residue on your face which I'm not a fan of. So after a little digging on Pinterest I decided to try baking soda... and I love it. There's no residue, it's really cheap, and my skin feels amazing afterwards. I usually just make a little paste with it and scrub, or once a week I'll leave the paste on my face until it dries then rinse it off. This just makes my skin radiant and glowing and soooft... like silk!

Then to tackle the really bad breakouts on my temples and a few other just around my face, I tried Tea Tree Oil. Which, I'll be the first to admit, I have a bit of an obsession with. I read somewhere online that Tea Tree Oil works wonders on cold sores, which I unfortunately am susceptible to. After trying it and being wowed by the results I read that it was also good for pimples. So I started attacking the breakouts with some of the oil! I now realize I should do a little disclaimer and let you all know that this stuff can be really powerful on your skin and can dry your skin out. I would not suggest daily use, just a dab here and there for pimples or mix with toner to create a liquid exfoliant... just use sparingly! OK back to business, so I used that and then I decided to take a look at my facial routine and see where I could improve it and my skin.

Soooo here's my current routine, and although I still am looking for a better toner and face wash, I have  seen some improvement in my skin tone, texture, and breakouts.

I start with makeup removing wipes to get the majority of the makeup off my face. This is a must for me as I never feel like the cleansers get it off. Burt's Bees is the wipes I am currently using, but I also really like Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Face Wipes. They both work really well and have a nice scent.

Then I actually wash my face with MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser. So I do like this stuff and I love the MyChelle company but it just doesn't dazzle me. And I know  you're thinking it's face wash what's there to be dazzling? But I just want to feel all tingly and squeaky clean after...ya know? So if you have any suggestions definitely let me know :)

Next, is exfoliating, but I already talked about that so then I use "toner". For toner I currently use a rose water witch hazel but I'm not sure how much it really tones... so I'll have to do some research, try some toners, and let you all know what I think. I also have the MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Mist which smells awesome but it leaves my skin kind of sticky after... not pleasant.

For moisturizer, I use two, I use one for day with an SPF and one for night. For day I use Alba Botanica Even Advanced Moisturizer with SPF 15. It is a really nice consistency and absorbs well. For night, I recently bought the Lush Imperialis Facial Moisturizer.

This Lush moisturizer is supposed to balance out the oil in your face per their website. I've only been using it for about a week now, but I have noticed that my face doesn't seem as only as it was before and that the texture of my skin has improved. The only thing is that this stuff doesn't smell wonderful... it's not awful... just very green if that makes any sense. But so far, so good, and a little goes a long way with this stuff.

And voila! That's it! My skin has gotten better with these products, although there's still more to try. I'm still not adept at dealing with these adult skin issues.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ever Changing Hair

Over the last two years I have found a really great hair stylist and have been trying all sorts of new styles and colors trying to see what I like. I'm always trying to add an edge to my look because sometimes I think I look so plain, so I decided if I added edge with my hair maybe it would help my overall image. Below are some of the hairstyles I've tried.

Here's my natural hair color in a short/medium cut. I was trying to grow my hair out again and not using any dyes -  after some issues with intense hair loss and damage.
I started by hacking off all my hair in a short Victoria Beckham style do. The red was too add some sass. 
Then I tried a strawberry blonde with bright blonde highlights - it was a little wild :)

Then I thought I'd go really dark and see if it would bring out my blue eyes - it did but I just don't know if it was really me.
This is more like my natural color all pulled back.
Which one do you all like best? Any suggestions for my next hair adventure?

I think my next foray will be into the darker blonde world in very cool tones as I have A LOT of gold and red hues in my hair that love to sneak out in dyes and tend to go brassy.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My First Post!

So after being a bit of a beauty-blog fiend for the last year, I decided that I should start a blog of my own. I think that many of you out there may be going through the same things I am, so what the hey!

So I just turned 29 and with that big 3-0 looming over me I decided that I need to really find out who I am. That's what your 20's are for anyway right? So I have been watching YouTube videos, reading style and beauty blogs, looking at Pinterest and interior designs sites to find out what I like and what I don't. With that I've been trying to purchase new makeup, beauty products, and clothes to find out what my personal style really is. 

Money is an issue, as I'm sure it is for the rest of you, so I do try to by reasonably priced items and if I'm going to spend the money, I want to make sure it's going to be worth it. So I try drugstore items as well as more pricey options. Additionally, for clothes, I love thrift stores and frequent them often to find newer items that I can fit into my wardrobe. And I'm a sucker for a good sale! 

And as always, weight has been an issue for me. I have always been a smaller person but in the last 8 years or so I have both lost and gained a significant amount of weight. I struggle with this as once you're used to being larger it's hard to understand how clothes should fit me and how I like them to fit. Last year I lost about 25 lbs and during a period of unemployment over the winter I gained about 6 back. I am now working on getting to an ideal weight and finding the lifestyle I can keep up consistently to maintain that. :)

Finally, I try to by cruelty-free products as often as possible for my skin, hair, and makeup products. I have actually found this to be relatively easy for all budgets and have been trying a plethora of new products to decide what I like and what I don't. A great site for this is: which has a long list of cruelty-free products, which I will try to break down better in a future post. Although there are times I stray from this, as I am only human and occasionally I can't be perfect (only occasionally), I do try to stay with the products on this list. 

So... I will include you all on my journey to discover my personal style and sense of self as I edge ever closer to 30!

More to come!


Naturally Pretty Eyes!

For about a 2 months (maybe 3) now I've been using the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty eye shadow palette and loving it!

The shadows are all beautifully matte and go on like silk. There is a pearl shadow though, that you can layer with the other shadows to make them more shimmery. Although this isn't a shimmer shade, it just adds a little... something.

The shadows also blend really well and last all day and usually more :)

I've been loving most of the shades but the reddish-brown ones are definitely my faves! I also enjoy using the dark colors as liner as they last really long. 

Below are some of the looks I've been doing!

My first attempt with the neutral browns and black eyeliner. 

A more reddish-brown look.

My attempt at a purple eye...

Finally a dark look with browns, black and black eyeliner.