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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Year's Eve Makeup - Metallic Lips & Sparkly Eyes

Do you need a fun and festive look for this New Year's Eve? I know I did!

As I was perusing Walgreens last week looking for anything new and interesting; a display of Milani lipstick caught my eye. I know, lipstick! Who'da thunk it? If you don't know about my lipstick woes, read more here.

I've seen these metallic lipsticks online and had wondered about them, so when they were staring me down in the store I knew I had to try one. So I grabbed the Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme in the color 04 Cinematic Kiss. A really pretty magenta pink color, that has warm undertones.

To compliment the sheen in the lipstick, I wanted very glowy but natural skin. I used a luminous tinted moisturizer that I've been testing from Laura Mercier with a glowy finishing powder from my NYX Contour palette. I finished with my shimmery Milani blush and Physician's Formula highlighter.

And now the lipstick, I have to say, it's beautiful! I never would've thought a metallic would grab my attention, but here we are and I'm in love. I can't believe what depth and extra punch it adds to this makeup.

To go with such a bold lipstick I wanted to do a more simple eye. Plus a little sparkle, because it's New Year's Eve and why the hell not?! I stuck with a taupe eyeshadow in the crease, some sparkle on the lid, and a bold winged liner to bring out my eyes.

I think this look would look great with your party attire and would wear well throughout a night of dancing & drinks or board games & family... whatever you're doing this New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year to you all - I hope 2017 brings wonderful things!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Christmas Tag

I have been scouring the internet for a great Christmas tag for this week. Thanks Little Miss Mel for publishing this one! So Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to you all!

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas? 

Oh so much - I love Christmas music and movies, shopping for everyone, decorating, all the festive stores, and just the feeling that it brings. So sappy, but so true :)

2. What is your favourite makeup look for the festive season?

For most of winter, it's the same, I don't do anything different for Christmas. I like a light foundation, sparkly gold/bronze eyes, a natural lip, lots of blush (usually a peach or berry shade), and lots of mascara.

3. Real tree or artificial tree? 

I love the smell of real trees, but I feel artificial ones are more sustainable. Also it's so much easier to know you already have one stored away and ready to go.

4. Do you open your presents on Christmas morning or evening? 

Morning/Afternoon. It usually depends on who drew my name for Christmas and when we'll both be at my Grandma's at the same time.

5. What is your favourite Christmas film? 

White Christmas, hands down. It's so amazing and the ending when all the soliders salute the general... it gets me every time. One of the few movies I'll cry at, but it's a happy cry so don't let that scare you. 

Also, for you fashion-minded people, the costumes in White Christmas are so cool and classy and just really fun!

6. What is your favourite festive food? 

Christmas cookies... yum! 

7. What tops your tree? 

Right now a maroon and gold bow. But I've been looking for a metal and glass (looking) topper with lots of glitz but no glitter. 

8. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Yes, we have lasagna and antipasti (very italian) and hang out at my Grandma's house. When we were kids we would get to open a present... usually pajamas!

9. Giving or receiving presents?

I love to give, it's so much fun to go out and try to find the perfect gift(s) for my family and friends. I enjoy watching them open the presents and seeing their faces when they really like something - heartwarming!

10. What is your favourite Christmas song? 

A really obscure one, Where Are You Christmas? by Faith Hill, from The Grinch movie. I love it and sing it (badly) at the top of my lungs whenever it comes on. 

Well Sage and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope your holiday is wonderful! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cruelty-free at the Drugstore - Target

Sorry guys this post was written in September and I failed publishing it. So here is the last post in my Cruelty-Free at the Drugstore series!

Over the last few months I have had a blast scouring drugstores for the best cruelty-free product (see my previous posts here and here). But I think I saved the best for last - Target. In the last few years, Target has seriously upped it's beauty game! Seriously check it out if you get a chance. There are all kinds of new brands and displays.

They great part is they offer so many cruelty-free brands, it's almost overwhelming (almost)! 

Physician's Formula
Wet n Wild
Burt's Bees
Sonia Kashuk
W3ll People (online only)
Whew, that's a lot right?!? I had to seriously hold back when I went shopping so I didn't blow my entire paycheck. But I'm so glad Target is stepping up with all these amazing brands, it's just a treat. 

Sonia Kashuk is one of the brands I was excited to try as I just found out they're cruelty-free. So I went for the foundation stick. It is a really nice medium coverage that blends in with the skin really well. Note - after using this for a while I found that it clogs my pores a bit and doesn't have a great lasting power :(

I also brought out one of my top (maybe the top) drugstore cruelty-free brands, NYX. Their concealers are amazing for covering dark circles and highlighting. And this contour palette has been one of my best buys of the last few years. I get so much use out of it. It's got colors that are great for highlighting, contouring, bronzing, and a finishing powder - hello multi-tasker!

I really wanted a simple eye shadow look with dramatic eyeliner. I think this is my favorite part of this look... dark smoldering eyes! Sounds sexy right?!?

Overall, I've been thrilled these last few months to try out so many new brands and products. I've found some new faves - hello sparkly highlights and great brows! I hope I've been able to show that cruelty-free products can be affordable and are definitely accessible. There are some gems out there just waiting for you to try!

Photos by Zanib Flynn || Facebook Instagram

Below are the products I used:

*products not from Target

NYX HD Concealer Wand - Fair & Yellow
Wet n Wild Color Icon Ombre Blush - The Princess Daiquiris (color not available online) 

Essence Make Me Brow - Browny Brows

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Cottage Cheese 
*Pixi Eyeshadow Duo - Apricot Glow (Sample)
ELF Mineral Eyeliner - Black (old)
*Too Faced Better Than Sex - Waterproof

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

5 Christmas Movies and Festive Drinks to Enjoy this Month

I love Christmas time! The smells, the lights, the feeling of giving, chartity and kindness, the movies, and the food. I really try to enjoy this time of year to it's fullest. And to comemorate my love of the holidy I wanted to do a favorites list for you all. But because I also love a warm, comforting drink to sip while wrapped in a cozy blanket engrossed in my favorites films, I thought I'd pick the drinks I'd pair with each movie. 

So let's do this countdown style! (Although these are really in no particular order, except #1).

#5 - The Santa Clause - Hot Cocoa

Tim Allen at his best! This is such a cute story of a man discovering that he's the new Santa, whether he wants it or not. And along the way he also learns to be a better dad, adorable! I love this movie for the comedy, and the amazing transformation of Tim Allen from a svelt busimen man to a chubby, jolly Santa.

In a scene at the North Pole, Judy the elf makes Santa her famous hot chocolate... so I thought that would be the perfect drink to pair with The Santa Clause.

#4 - The Holiday - Apple Cider

Two strangers who are not happy in their own lives switch houses over the holidays. One house is in LA and the other in the English countryside. Humor, depression, relationships, and soul-defining hijinks ensue. This is probably the least Christmas-y movie on my list, but it still takes place during this time so it totally counts! I love the characters and the separate-but-not-really plots... just a good watch.
And for this movie that warms your heart but has a little spiciness (sassiness) to it, I choose Hot Apple Cider as the drink pairing. And if you add a dash of bourbon, I wouldn't be mad at you :)

#3 - Miracle on 34th St. - Eggnog

Both the classic and the updated 90's version are wonderful, though I do prefer the 90's one. Starting with the Thanksgiving Day Parade and ending with all of New York believing in Santa... you just can't go wrong. 

For this classic and timeless movie, I wanted a drink that has stood the test of time and is a wonderful treat every year. Hello Eggnog, a rich and delicious drink perfect for this film.

#2 - Love, Actually - Mulled Wine

One of the best ensemble cast movies ever, Christmas or not! I love this devilishly romantic and unapolegetically Christmas film. Multiple characters face various relationship woes around the holidays. There is great humor, an orgy, the Prime Minister, a paper mache octopus, and a tacky Christmas song... what's not to love?

For this English film, I thought the classic English traditional drink of Mulled Wine would be perfect. Make it red or make it white, but make it to watch Love, Actually this year!

#1 - White Christmas - Champagne

And finally, my #1 favortie Christmas movie of all time, the one I must absolutely watch every year or it just isn't Christmas, White Christmas. There is a reason this is a classic! The women are gorgeous and classic, the dance and song numbers - mesmorizing, and the men are funny and kind. There's a little bit of war, cross-dressing, amazing dance scenes, and a bang-finish ending that makes me cry (of joy) every time.

The only drink I could think to match with this movie would be champagne. So raise a glass and we'll all toast the General and have a Merry Christmas together!

Hope your all having a great week and staying warm and cozy - Happy Holidays!