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Cruelty-Free Resources

Cruelty-Free Resources

Choosing to go cruelty-free with your products can be a challenge. Defining your "cruelty-free guidelines", naviagting symbols, and especially when company policies and practices change.

On Amber But Better, I use mostly (if not all) cruelty-free prodcuts. If anything is not I will note it on that post. Please feel free to contact me at or comment on any of my posts if you have questions on what is cruelty-free or not.

Define Cruelty-Free for Me

One thing you may need to decide before going cruelty-free (or after!) is whether or not you consider companies owned by non-cruelty free companies to be ok. For example, The Body Shop is owned by L'Oreal. 

Personally, my view is that I do include these companies in my cruelty-free categories. I believe it's important to show the larger companies that consumers want and are willing to pay for companies that have compassionate policies in regards to animal testing. Peta has an article detailing this here

Whatever you choose, please be respectful of others' choices. We are all trying to do right by our furry friends, and anger, blame, and guilt will not help us! (Ok, stepping off my soapbox).

Below are a few of the resources and sites I use to stay up-to-date on which products are cruelty-free:



Leaping Bunny


Cruelty Free Kitty 

   Her whole site is extremely helpful and she updates with changes regularly. 


Test your Cruelty-Free Beauty knowledge and support a great cause here!

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