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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Yes To Masks - My Review

 I was at Ulta a while ago and saw all the Yes To Masks and decided to needed to try them out. Overall I really like Yes To products; they're affordable and generally I think they work well. But not all things can be wonderful, so there's 1 mask I loved and one that's a hard pass.

Be ready for all kinds of akward pictures of me with no makeup on and all masked up! And yes, I mask after I get out of the shower so that should explain some of these pics.

So let's take a minute to appreciate my horrible mask faces and talk masks!

Miracle Oil Brighten & Condition 

Argan Oil Mud Mask

I don't normally love a mud mask as I find them too drying for my skin and really hard to take off. I usually end up scrubbing my face with washcloth... and that can't be good. So I was skeptical about this one. But it pleasantly surprised me! The mud is thinner than a normal mud mask and easy to spread across the face. It felt soft and luxurious to put on and smelled nice.

But the real magic happens when I rinsed it off. Which was easy by the way, it comes off with a little help from a washcloth, but no scrubbing. And my skin looked radiant and felt so soft afterwards. I give this a big thumbs up! It would be especially great before a big event.

Cucumbers 2-Step Eye Kit 

Buh-Bye Bags & Dark Circles

Ok, we talked about positive now let's talk about some negative. This 2-part eye mask starts with pads soaked in product that you leave under the eyes and a cream to use after. So I tried this and left the pads on for the time the package says and it felt nice but a little tingly (nothing alarming).

Then I took off the pads and found that they had burnt, yes burnt the corners of my eyes. I had little red welts there for over a week! They were painful and not fun. In lieu of that I didn't try the cream. I'm not sure what was in here that caused it but I do not recommend this product.

So tell me, have you tried any great maks lately? Leave recommendations in the comments below!