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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Baby Shower Fun!

This weekend was my cousin's baby shower, she is due in less than a month!

Somehow (I'm not sure how) I was put in charge of the games. I have designed paper games and signs in the past so maybe that's why. But for the last baby shower I was supposed to make a certain game and I ran out of time.  But this time I knew I had to do it... I know the suspense is killing you! I made...

Pin the Sperm on the Egg!

Yes I know... a little vulgar, but to make it all more presentable the sperms have googly eyes and smiley faces and the egg is looking a little shocked to be so bombarded (you have to have a little humor right?)

For the sperm, I eyeballed the shaped and drew it on some poster board. Once I was happy with the shape I cut out that one sperm and then traced it about 30 times on the poster board. Then to help myself out a little with cutting I cut all the sperms out into squares. Then my husband (nice as he is) cut them all out for me. I have to give him a little shout out because the poor guy's hands were numb after cutting them all out :( Then he glued on the googly eyes and I added smiley faces and bowties with the help of my cousins. Thanks you 3!

Then for the uterus I wanted it to be pink on a dark background. At Hobby Lobby I found this dark blue poster board that I thought would work. And although I do like the color I don't think I would go this route again because the poster had texture to it and it didn't allow the glue to grip very well. I did find some nice board paper (for school bulletin boards) for the uterus that I laid over the blue poster and cut to size, then I taped down the edges and drew in the uterus to fit. I just looked up other "Pin the Sperm on the Egg" games on Pinterest and sketched out a shape that I thought would look nice. Then I cut out the shape with an X Acto Knife. Then I glued it down but left the Fallopian tubes dangling.

I stuck some pink cardstock under the ends of each side of the Fallopian tube to draw in the ovaries and glued it all down.

Then I drew an egg onto white and pink cardstock for dimension and drew in his surprised face!

At the party we use Sticky Tac to hang the poster and attach the sperm during the game so it would all come down easily.

Then because this was a lot of work, I wanted to be able to use the game again so I didn't want to write people's name on the sperm itself. So I numbered the back of each one and made corresponding tickets so we'd know who was where!

And that's it a homemade party game!

October 2014 Favorites!

Well now that November has began (and here in Colorado so has the rain!) I thought it'd be nice to look back at October and the items I enjoyed most that month.

Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara
My newest mascara from Tarte has blown me away (find here). It has a wet formula that is buildable and gives fantastic volume and length. Also, I haven't had any clump trouble with this mascara!

Express Rings
It's sad but true, I have tiny fingers (wrists, ankles, and head too, but that's another story) and I rarely find rings that are ready-to-wear. But this new fad of midi-rings has given me new hope! I found these gold rings at Express (similar here) and I love to mix and stack them on both my ring fingers. I think they're good quality and fit wonderfully!

Honey Bronze Bronzing Poweder
I received this bronzer as a gift with purchase at The Body Shop (find here).  I have the shade 01 - Light Matte and at first, I'll admit I thought it was too light to be of any use as a bronzer. But now, especially during the cooler months I find that I'm loving this lighter cooler, it gives my skin a subtle glow and definition without screaming BRONZER HERE! I've also been wearing as an eyeshadow on those morning when I just want something quick and simple and it lasts all day on my greasy lids!

Eye Shadow Brush
I purchased this Bdellium Tapered Blending Brush #785 on Amazon (find here) after seeing a recommendation from blogger, Killer Colours on the brand. It's a high quality fluffy blending brush. It makes easy work of blending out eyeshadows for the smokey look I love so much. And it's so soft and fluffy!

Happify App
Finally, this app (only available at the iTunes store as of now) has been a wonderful discovery. It's basically a little daily reminder to be happy. There are missions on the app for you to complete weekly. Some of this comes in forms of games, some are lists (what made you happy this morning, what are you grateful for, etc...), and then there are some relaxation and mediation exercises. I really love that right on my phone I have the ability to take a moment out of my day and focus on being more positive.

Well that's October in a nutshell! Now that November is here I'm excited for hot chocolate and cider, warm night's with a blanket and book, and of course Thanksgiving!

Please comment below with some of your October favorites!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I'm a Hair Model

This past weekend I was asked to be a model for my hairdresser, Laura's, new salon. Of course I said yes because it sounded like so much fun! I've never had my makeup done by anyone before, so I jumped at the chance.

I showed up at 8 o'clock in the morning to start on my hair color. Laura decided to darken my slightly ombred hair with some light brown with some silver blonde. Which was scary at first, but Laura's been doing my hair for years so I put my trust in her. 

Then things got hectic. The photographer took pictures during the get-ready process and in his nicely lighted setup. I felt like I had to be "on" the whole time... and if you've read this blog before, you've probably seen that I'm big on smiling in pictures. So the whole time I was holding this half smile that made me look a little odd. 

She did my makeup and hair for an everyday look and a bridal look with heavier makeup. Unfortunately, I missed getting a picture of the bridal hair in all the confusion. But you'll get to see the after effects of that look (very big and voluminous hair!). 

Also, a new one for me... red lipstick. I almost never put anything on my lips, because I feel like they're already pretty dark and big and I've never really felt the need to add to it. But it was fun to try something new and see how it looked on me. 

And finally, Laura uses Glo Minerals, which are cruelty-free. Awesome!

Well, without further ado, here is what my Saturday looked like. I'm really excited to see how the professional photos turned out!

And that was my day! It was such fun, Laura and her whole team are great and very talented. If you're in the Denver Metro area, you should definitely check them out!

9021 N. Harlan Street
Westminster, CO 80031

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Style Pin-speration and Confidence

Follow Amber V's board Fall/Winter Style on Pinterest.

Yesterday I was reviewing my Fall/Winter Style board on Pinterest and I realized there's a real theme there!

This whole blog is about me finding my personal style and low-and-behold it was glaringly obvious on Pinterest!

Apparently and truthfully I am into big cozy sweaters, layering, skinny pants, and pretty neutral and/or dark colors. I think overall it's a chic, effortless kind of look I like something that's classic and current at the same time.

Although, it makes me immensely happy to know that I do have a cohesive style (I really thought it was all over the place), it also makes me sad that I'm not the size to wear these kinds of clothes right now.

For the last few years I have had some serious confidence issues as I was at my heaviest weight. Then I finally decided to get myself in gear 2 years ago and started to go to the gym at work every morning. Doing this I lost 26 pounds! I was so happy and full of confidence and loved buying and wearing clothes.

Then over the last year I have really fallen back into bad habits and have gained 15 pounds back. Now my clothes are tight and uncomfortable and all my pants are painful to wear. This has really made my confidence plummet. This is one of the reasons I haven't posted an What I Wore posts recently. I'm just not happy with my body anymore.

I know this is a depressing post and I'm sorry for that... I didn't mean it to go this way. But, you know, we can't always be happy and up beat, sometimes shit gets real. And I think many women feel or have felt this way about themselves.

As I learned before, the key to my successful weight loss was finding a routine. I think that's my biggest struggle now is that A) I don't have a free gym at work, B) I work early hours so I don't have time in the mornings, C) When I get home, after driving in traffic I have little motivation.

The previous few weeks I have been doing P90X3 Yoga and Pilates 3 times each week... so I'm making head way, but I have to keep it up.

Ok... on a positive note, people are getting healthy and losing weight all the time which means I can too!

If you have any motivational tips for working out after work, please comment below. And if (by some miracle) you'd like more posts like this, please let me know!

Thank you for listening!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Recent Ulta Haul

I recently decided to spend a little time on the Ulta website and well of course I had to some things!

First, I recently ran out of my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (which I love) and I had purchased a cheaper Jordana option. I don't like the cheaper option as it's just too wet and it tends to clump. So of course I had to find some new mascara to take care of this.

I had heard really good things about the Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes so I thought I'd give it a try. I have been using this for the last week and oooh do I like it. It's a similar formula to the Too Faced one in that it's not too wet or too dry, it's just right (apparently, I'm the Goldilocks of masacaras!). It give me big feathery lashes - oh yeah!

Next, I always have liked the liquid eyeliner look, but A) I'm not very good at the flick as I have slightly hooded eyes B) I can never find one that doesn't run or sting or something else crazy. So I thought I'd give this Physician's Formula Eyeliner Pen a shot as it wasn't very expensive. So far (and I've only worn it twice) it has worked well. It stays all day and doesn't run and it's pretty easy to use. I will need more practice but I like it. You can checkout my second attempt on social media as I posted a picture.

Finally, I really wanted to pick up a new Fall-ish lip colors. So I both a lip gloss and lipstick from NYX in this nice brown/coral/mauve color. They are really nice colors, I really like them. I will have to do a post with them on so you can see.

Well that's it for this haul. Let me know if you've tried any of these products! Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Style Trials: r2 Booties

Style Trials: r2 Bootie

I have had these boots or booties for a few years now and have only wore then a handful of times. I really struggle with what to wear them with and not looking too "country".

Also my pair, unfortunately, laid flat for a long time and have a seam kind of down the front which makes them look a little weird with pants tucked in. But here is my attempt with 2 outfits I would like to try with these boots.

Outfit 1 - With the jeans rolled slightly and a cute comfy sweatshirt, I think this outfit would be cozy in the fall/winter!

Outfit 2 - I've always thought these shorter boots look good with dresses. So here I did a nice sweater dress with black leggings. And then, I couldn't decide which scarf I liked more so I left them both up there. I think the scarves add something extra to the outfit with a pop of color or pattern to keep it from being too boring.

So what do you think of these boots and/or which outfit is your favorite? Let me know :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Best Shave of Your Life

Over the last year I've received a few Sugar Scrubs as gifts and I've made a discovery people! Okay discovery is a little much, but still it's pretty awesome.

I'm you've all seen the sugar scrub recipes on Pinterest and wondered who does these! Well luckily I've had a few people in my life give it a go and hand these out as gifts (shout out to Tara and Jami!).

At first I just used these as a scrub and called it good. And then I realized the oil in the scrub was staying on my skin so... a little light bulb came on and I did something crazy! I decided after I rinsed off the sugar I would shave with the leftover oil. And OMG! It's the best, most close shave ever!

Believe me, I have references! I've told my family and friends about this, and it's a consensus. It's kind of addicting, I've tried shaving cream since them and it's just not the same.

First, the scrub makes for a really close shave. Then, the leftover oil makes the razor glide easily and minimizes cuts, and then when you're done, you don't need to lotion!


There's only a few things to remember.

  • You need to mix the scrub each use because the sugar and oil separate.
  • You should rinse the razor after every few strokes (I do 2) to clean out the gunk.
  • You will go through razors a little faster, but in my opinion it's worth it :)

I hope you all give this a try and let me know what you think! I'm sorry I don't have a recipe for you, but like I said I'm kind of addicted and my stash is running low :) so I'm going to have to make a batch here soon.

New Hair Cut October 2014

Another 8 weeks has passed and therefore another haircut/color has happened!

This time I just got a little trim and made it a more symmetrical asymmetrical style (I don't know if that makes any sense LOL). I also got some highlights on the bottom half of my hair (It's legit blonde people!) to give it a little ombre effect.

You can't really tell that it's there in the pictures, but it is, I promise.

And of course I have to give a shout and thanks to my hair dresser Laura at Truly You Salon in Westminster, Colorado (info below). She is always amazing at giving me the hair I want and trying new fun colors and techniques.

Yes those are Broncos earrings!
Here is what my cut looked like before.

And here's after! 

I love wearing it kind of big and curly and I didn't even have to blow dry to get this look! Yay!

Solaire Shoppes
9021 Harlan St
Westminster, CO
(303) 429-1491

Friday, October 10, 2014

Get the Look: Comfy and Casual

Comfy and Casual

This outfit is inspired by a fellow blogger from Colorado; Chic Talk. She does amazing outfits of the day! And I love that she's in Colorado, so I can relate to the weather she's dressing for.

But back to the outfit! Chic Talk posted an outfit this week that caught my attention. It was great mix of fall and summer and looked comfy, casual, and stylish. 

Well you know I have to try to recreate the outfit for myself... as we speak I have a listed going of types of sweaters I need to buy this fall :)

So here is my version: A big comfy, loose sweater with slightly distressed light wash skinny jeans (you know I would cuff them) and then some berry colored pointy flats which I love for fall! And an over-the-shoulder purse in an almost-but-not-really matching color, I love this mix! To top it all off I added some rose gold jewelry in the necklace and bracelet. 

I adore this outfit and know I'll be living in something similar this season! Thanks Chic Talk for the inspiration!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Not-So-Scary Liquid Liner

One of my makeup fears has always been liquid eyeliner.

I have tried different types and methods for years without success. But recently, after seeing tutorial after tutorial on YouTube I though it was time to face my fears.

After thinking on this I find out what some of my issues were:

  • I have slightly hooded eyes which makes the "flick" a logistical nightmare
  • I struggle with getting the liner straight
  • Also, with getting it close to the lash line (no one likes that unsightly white gap)
  • My hand isn't as steady as I want it to be
So once I looked at these issues I began to reevaluate the tutorials I'd seen, the products that are available and what I wanted from liquid liner. Below are my steps and tips for flawless (ok more like less flawed) liquid eyeliner!

Don't Start with the Liquid!
Duh! How had I never thought of doing this before? I now start off by doing regular eyeliner to my lash line and top water line (goodbye white gap!). This line can be as thick as you want and it doesn't need to be perfect because we're going to cover it up :)

Pick Your Tool
I decided to buy this Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum (Check it out here) because it was on sale and looked like it might be a good option for a newbie like me. This rash purchase definitely paid off for me!

Ok, Now the Liquid
Now that we have our tool and our guideline, it's time to go in with the liquid. You're going to want to get close to a mirror so you can see what you're doing. I start on the outside first, with little strokes as close to the lash line as I can and work my way into the middle. 

I try to hold the pen more horizontal rather than straight on so I can use the brushness (not a word, but we'll go with it) to keep everything fluid and smooth. You don't need to worry about getting it perfect or even yet, just go over it so you have some nice coverage.

And Switch
Now, turn the pen (still horizontal) and start from the corner of your lashline and work into the middle. Again with little strokes. Once the lines are connected you can move on to making things look nice.

Touch Ups and Perfection
At this point I will fill in any gaps I see then I'll start to go over the top in light long strokes to even out the top line and get the sharp line I'm going for. Also at this time, if I'm going to do a little flick I will. I just use my lower lashline as a guide and draw a little line out from my lid then connect it at the top and fill in.

This is the part that is most subjective as your flick may depend on your eye shape, hood of your eyes, and just what you like. Experiment with it and have fun!

Now re-create it on the other eye!
LOL no biggie! I know it's always a challenge to match your eyes and make sure the thickness and flick match. My biggest tip for this is to do the first line across on each eye, then adjust and perfect, then try to tackle symmetry with your touch up and perfection step. Also, keep looking forward after each step. Look at your self straight-on in a mirror to compare how each eye is looking.

Well I hope you all give this a shot and let me know if these tips worked for you. Or if you have tips of your own! Please Instagram me pictures of your liquid liner successes @amberbutbetter!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Fall Home Decor

As you've probably gathered by now, I love the fall! It's my favorite time of year so I decided it was time to pull out my fall decorations!

So here's my little collection.

Hanging Lantern - Gift
Acorn Hanging - Hobby Lobby
Large Lantern and Candle - Pier 1
White Pumpkin - Pier 1
Apple Cider Candle - Yankee Candle
Orange Pumpkin - Gift

I thought I had more than this, but I guess this means there's room to grow! Below is how I put them up in my living room.

The funny thing is I would keep most of this stuff up all year round if I could (and some of it I do!). 

I have always loved candles, but now I also really like lanterns, I'm definitely going to have to get more of these!

Well I hope you all have a lovely autumn and enjoy all it has to offer!