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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Best Cruelty-Free Drugstore Eyebrow Mascara

Eyebrow mascara - so necessary, so forgotten, so orange! I'm sure you all know the struggle with finding eyebrow products at the drugstore. You want to find the right formula, color, staying power, all that jazz. And when you go cruelty-free your options are even fewer. 

Well I have decided to take the guesswork out of the situation. Well, for eyebrow mascara at least. Below are 3 drugstore and cruelty-free versions that I've tried and my thoughts on them all. 

Now they're all good and I would use any of them again, but there's definitely a winner here for me. I decided to judge these all with points (because numbers!) 1-3, 1 (no good), 2 (good), 3 (great). I'll judge on Brush, Color, and Fill. Each mascara has the potential to get 9 points. And off we go!

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

The brush on this mascara is a little big and wide so it takes a minute to get used to, so brush is a 2. The color is also medium, not too warm but not really cool either and it's a little dark for me (but the blonde is way too light), 2. The fill is decent, but I do find that I get more bald patches (attractive I know) with this more than the others, probably due to the wider brush, score is a 2. So overall we have an average mascara and a total score of 6. 

Milani Easy Brow Tinted Fiber Gel

The brush on this mascara is medium-sized and the bristles are close together so application is easy to control. Although, the tip of this brush did clump up pretty intensely towards the end which was frustrating, I'll still give it a 3 though. The color was my biggest issue with this one, it too warm. I still wore it (cause I'm stubborn like that) so it's not terrible, but not what I'm looking for, so I'll give it a 1. The fill was pretty great on this one as it has fibers in it, so it also gives your brows some fullness, 3. This little guy gets a total of 7.

Essence Make Me Brow

My first ever brow mascara... ahh first loves. Ok anyway... love the brush on this one, it's tiny so even if you have no brows you would have control with this. It also has very packed bristles which again applies product evenly; a 3 for this one. The color is perfectly cool-toned, which I love so another 3. Finally, the fill is really good on this one too as it also has those fibers. Apparently fibers = good brows. So again, I'm going with a 3.

So we obviously have a winner with the Essence Make Me Brow! And the best news is it's the most affordable at about $3. Yes please. 

So what's your brow routine? Any favorite products? 
Let me know if you'd like to see an updated brow routine as well, I think they've been looking pretty good!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Confidence Chat - Don't Call Me Pretty

I hate compliments! Crazy right? Or is it?

But why?

This may sound weird but the worst thing someone can say to me on a dating app is "you're pretty" or beautiful, hot, sexy... whatever. I don't like it. I will literally stop talking to someone if they say it.

At first I thought this was localized to dating apps, but I think this response is indicitive of a bigger issue. I can't accept compliments. I just don't know how to react. I get very uncomfortable.

If someone compliments me on my clothes, hair, makeup, or work I deflect. I usually say thank you and then add something like "oh it was nothing really" or "this is my lazy day hair". Again, why do I do this?

Is it a confidence issue?

I'm pretty confident with myself. I think I'm pretty and work hard or there are days where I'm totally feeling my outfit/makeup/hair. I'm pretty awesome. And I like compliments, I remember wanting more of them from my ex when I was married. That's another Oprah, but really who doesn't want to be told their smart, beautiful, funny, vivacious, etc...?

So why then can't I accept a compliment?

I think it's a few different things really. But  the most important step to fix this, is self-talk. As I'm sure you've heard; the way you talk to yourself has a HUGE impact on how your see yourself and your confidence and outlook on life. So if I question every compliment, whether it's on looks, skills, or my work, what am I doing to myself?

New Life Goals

I'm putting this goal out there because a) I can't be the only one with this issue, and b) this doesn't seem good for my wellbeing. 

I, Amber, am going to graciously accept compliments from this day forward. And because I am who I am, I have a list of steps for this goal.

  • Thank the complimentor
  • Assume they are being sincere
  • Take the compliment to heart and hold onto it for a minute
  • Remember to offer compliments to others (at a separate time)
I will NOT:
  • Look down/away when someone is complimenting me
  • Immediately assume they are being insincere
  • Deflect and turn the focus onto someone else
  • Diminish the compliment in my head
I even found a few articles on accepting compliments:

Our Pledge

Let me know in the comments if you also cringe when receiving a compliment. Let's make this pledge together to be badass women and men and own our awesome-ness! Let's accept those compliments people!

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March Favorites 2017

March is over. I want to say it went by quickly, but damn that was a long month. I felt like I packed a ton into the month both good and bad, and I'm ready to move onto April. But first, let's talk about the products I loved this month and a few that I didn't.


Issue No. 8

I have written for the DSM blog a few times now (see here!) but I'd never done any type of fashion/modeling before. So it was a scary to be in their Blog Community Style section. But I did it and I'm so proud of myself. Talk about stepping outside my comfort zone.

Super Shock Eyeshadow - DGAF

I bought a few of these eyeshadows this month and I've been liking all of them, but DGAF is my favorite color. It's a pretty rose-gold with glitter that make blue eyes pop! I just love how when I wear it I look like I tried... but it's so easy. And they're only $5 each, I definitely will ba adding more to my collection.

Highlighter - Smoke N Whistles

I wasn't really into highlighters before... I know blasephomy. But this highlighter changed my mind! Turns out I just hadn't found the right one yet. This highlighter is a creamy champagne golden color and I'm in love. It adds the perfect glow to my cheekbones without any glitter. I am a convert for sure!

Total Control Drop Foundation

I have been using this foundation every day since I got it. I just love the light coverage (you could build it up if you wanted) that looks so natural on my skin. It's not too dewy or too matte, but makes me look healthy. And it lasts really well, which is awesome. I do still get shiny on my forehead and nose after a few hours of wear, but that's normal for me. I just love that it looks like my-skin-but-better, which is what I'm really after anyway.

Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Leave-In

For years I've been obsessed with the It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product (although somehow I haven't written about it much). Regardless, I've been trying to find a comprable drugstore version because the It's a 10 is a bit pricey. Up until now this really was the best option for detangling, heat protection, styling, etc... oh and it smells amazing.

But finally I've found a similar product and it's about 1/2 the price! This leave-in spray makes my hair silky smooth, protects from heat, adds shine, and it also smells amazing! OMG, I'd buy it just for that smell. But it's definitely worth a shot, I might even like it more than It's a 10... eek can't believe I said that.


MegaLast Liquid Catsuit - Coral Corruption

I've only tried a few liquid lipsticks in my day and although I don't love them, there are a few I can wear (Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Cream is a good'n). This one on the other hand... I don't even know where to start. It went on thick and dried very quickly. But then it kept on drying, seperated, and gathered to the edges of my lips. It's just yucky and I didn't appreciate it on my mouth. A no-go for me. 

Eye Booster Instant Doll Lash Extension Kit

I'm always on the search for a great mascara, but since I have dry eyes I don't often find one that works for me. It saddens me to say this one didn't make the cut. It's a 2 step system with fibers and I 1st have to say that it will give you amazing lashes! They look fake, it's crazy. But then the disappointments start. The mascara formula is really thick and gunks up on the brush and around the opening of the tube. It makes it really hard to apply without making a mess. The fibers are fine, they did bother my eyes a bit but that happens with most fibers. Finally, the mascara was definitely not smudge proof, it ended up on my lids and under my eyes. So I'll be sticking with my Elizabeth Mott mascara.

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