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About Me

I'm Amber, a Colorado blogger, and I'm documenting my path of self-discovery through personal style, cruelty-free beauty, and a desire to better myself (mentally, physically, and emotionally). I am now in my early 30's and single; now's my time and I plan to use use it wisely.

I am really just trying to find a way to be the best possible version of myself that I can... Amber, but better!

Here are a few fun facts about me, so we can be better acquainted:
  1. I live in Denver, Colorado with my dog and 2 cats.
  2. I am an avid animal lover (my main reason for going cruelty-free)
  3. I love Disney, Harry Potter, leopard print, long lashes, cute skulls, and of course my family!
  4. I am an avid writer, so if I'm a little wordy... sorry in advance.
Welcome to Amber But Better!

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I am always interested in collaborations. If you're a brand or fellow blogger, please do not hesitate to contact me.