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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August Petit Vour Box

Another month, another Petit Vour Box... and they just keep getting better. I swear! I really enjoy opening this box because it's just like Christmas. It's all these cool products that I may or may not have heard of and just fun things to try. Ok so I'll stop gushing, but I do look forward to this every month and I think it's awesome.

Below are the products I received in my box, and what I think so far!

MyChelle Dermaceuticals
Fruit Enzyme Scrub
This month the most surprising thing was a full-size MyChelle scrub. I used to use and love MyChelle but then just moved onto other things. I really like the brand though and their local in Boulder! I've never used this particular product but I'm really excited to try it. As I've been all over the scrubs both chemical and physical lately (you know prepping my skin for winter!)

As you may have seen in my August Monthly Favorites I've been loving hair oils recently. My hair is for sure in need of the love. So this shine hair serum is right up my alley! And also while it's still warm I'll probably spend a few more days with my natural curly hair. So we'll see if the cream can tame the beast.

Another thing I've been doing recently is trying to use up some of my sample skincare. And I never thought I'd be a serum person but I think my skin likes them. Obviously samples are too small to know for sure, but it's fun to give them a try. And I've heard great things about using the spice turmeric for your skin. 

Modern Minerals
Finishing Glow - Sunrise
At first I couldn't figure this out... is it a powder or a highlight? The card that comes in the box to explain the product says to use it as a finishing powder all over the face. In the tub it looks like there are sparkles in it, which as an oily-skinned gal I am not down with. So I swatched some on my hand and it is more glowy than shimmery. I did try a very light dusting across my face and didn't notice too much difference. But I'll keep playing with this and see what's up.

Another good box with some products I'm excited to try and some I need to experiment with. 

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  1. Scrubs and serums seem like the perfect things to transition into fall, I tell myself this year no flaky skin when the seasons change, so if you have good results there keep me updated:)