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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Burgundy Fall Makeup

Picture this: it's the year 2000 and a 15 year old Amber is getting ready for school; she's rocking some bootcut jeans, skater shoes, and a band shirt (Chevelle to be specific). She's standing in front of the mirror putting on her makeup which consists of mostly foundation, eye shadow, and lots of black eyeliner and mascara :) What color eye shadow would she reach for? Brown? Blue? Gray? Oh no, red eye shadow was her thing, purchased at non-other than Hot Topic! Oh 2000's (not sure if that's a nostalgia or embarrassment sigh) .... I loved that red eye shadow; it was bold, brought out my blue eyes, and sassy... everything a teenager wants in her makeup look :)

Now that I'm older and maybe wiser I've realized red eye shadow may not be the way to go for me anymore. But I'm just not ready to give up on it fully.

Now enter, burgundy eye shadow; it's red's grown up cousin and it's really beautiful. This is more of a mature take on the look as it's not so primary and bright, but darker and with more brown tones in it.

Keep reading for how I achieved a fun fall look that's still grown-up enough to wear in the day and sassy enough for night!

Prepare yourself for some weird awkward faces :)

I start off with a light brown blending color to keep the burgundy from being too stark.

Then I packed on the burgundy-red color with a flat eye shadow brush. I had to build up the color for a bit and went over with my finger for the last layer to really make it stand out. Blend the edges again with the light brown color.

This is my favorite face by far! I then used some of the light brown to light my under eye area. I think it pulls everything together and grounds it all a bit.

I finished it off with some black eyeliner and lots of mascara. I really love the final look!

This color is great and I'll be wearing it again for sure, I think it did bring out my eyes just like I remember. But it's definitely more grown up in the best way :) Although I still totally want to break out into "All the Small Things" by blink182 and dance around my room, pretending that I won't hurt tomorrow... getting old sucks! Anyway....

Here's the shadows I used for this look:


  1. Way to rock a bold shade in a stylish way, I have a color called Velvet Vampire that is similar and I'm inspired!!

  2. I have a similar shade called Velvet Vampire, I'm inspired to try a bold shade again!