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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Halloween Makeup - Cruella De Ville

I love Halloween! Not the scary, bloody, Halloween, but the dress-up, lanterns, jack-o-lanterns, macabre Halloween. So I, of course, love costumes... choosing what to be and creating a character, it brings me joy.

I was inspired this year by the TV show Once Upon A Time's version of Cruella De Ville. You can see her wicked makeup here. See how I became this great villain below!

First, let me say that you are going to look like a hot mess through most of this make up, but I tell you it'll all come together in the end :)
Ok, so I know there's no breakdown of the eye makeup but my camera wasn't on for those pics :( But here's the step-by-step on how to get this look.
  1. Start with the brows; use a brown-gray to fill in then go over in small strokes with a matte black.
  2. Take a mid-tone gray all over the lid. Bring it up just up to the crease (or for hooded gals, a bit past)
  3. Take a flat brush (I used a concealer brush) to draw a straight line down from the inner corner of your brow to the inner corner of your eye with a dark gray. 
  4. For the ombre effect drag that line with the same brush inwards, then add a lighter gray and drag that inwards.
  5. Fill in the brow bone and the area below with a shimmery white. 
  6. Draw the dark gray across your crease and darken the outer corner for more definition. 
  7. Then add black eyeliner and lots of mascara! We're not going for a wing here, but you can if you like that. Also, false lashes would look great with this look. 
Now for highlighting and contouring:
  1. Use a brightening/light concealer in the middle of the forehead, down the nose, on the chin, and in triangles under the eyes. 
  2. Blend!
  3. Contour with a gray-brown. You want really high cheekbones, so put the contour line a bit higher than normal (If you don't have a contour brush just squeeze down a powder brush).
  4. Also draw on either side of your chin to slim the chin (we're going for angular here). 
  5. For once in your life, don't blend up, blend both lines down and out to darken that jaw line area - I went over the cheekbone line multiple times; we want to see that line a bit. 
  6. Then find an intense highlighter (I used the lightest one from the NYX palette) and go over where you applied the concealer. Also highlight just above the cheekbones to bring them out.
Finally, (whew, I know there's a lot of steps!) the lipstick:
  1. Cruella has a really true red lip, but I decided to go a little darker.
  2. Use a dark red/maroon lip pencil or crayon all over the lips. 
  3. Add a more true or orange-red on top focusing on the center.
Now add a wig, black dress, gloves, and of course (faux) fur! And you are Cruella! See below for the products I used.

Loreal Telescopic Mascara - Similar here (Not Cruelty-free)
ELF Products - From this haul

I hope you all have a happy Halloween and would love to hear what you're going as this year!


  1. Dayum, mwah and bah that is a sweet look! You nailed a modern Cruella and I might steal an idea or two for myself🎃 Gonna be a witch this year. Wow, so cool.......🐕

    1. Thank you! You would definitely be able to adapt this look for a witch :) I hope you have a great Halloween and I'd love to see how your witch turns out!