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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Current Everyday Makeup

This post contains products that have been sent to me for review and products I've purchased myself. All opinions are my own.

Ahhh Monday mornings! Or any morning for that matter - Always a mad dash to get ready for the day. And to be honest, although I always wear makeup to work, I want to spend as little time as possible on it. I've edited my routine down to the essential products that take little-to-no effort, are fool proof, and I know will look good.

See below for my everday makeup look that's quick and painless!

As you can tell it's pretty simple. I try to even out my skin tone, add some color, define my brows and eyes, and go. And don't mind the blank stare... it clears up after my morning coffee. 

Also, I like to keep everything in the same color family, it takes all the guesswork out. Below are the products I used for this look:


I can't seem to find a foundation I really love, so I've just been using a concealer; under the eyes, around the nose, on my forehead and chin. I then spray the setting spray and blend. This helps it stay longer and blend easier. I top off te under-eye concealer with a peach-toned one to cancel out my nasty blue cirlces.

I powder (not shown, see it here) mostly under my eyes and on the t-zone. Then for bronzer and blush - I've been doing both with this Physician's Formula palette as it's fan-freakin-tastic! Especially with my new brush (see below).


I love this palette from It Cosmetics for an easy eye look. Everythings neutral and blends so well. For this look I used the pink tones all over the lid and a light purple to define the outer corner.

Next, brown liquid eyeliner just on the outer third of the top lashes. I think this adds definition but isn't as difficult as lining the whole line... or god forbid a flick! I also take brown shadow from the palette and pack it onto the liner to blend it out and make it less harsh. Add mascara... lots of mascara.

Eyebrows - oh have I learned the importance of brows! I use this Hourglass pencil to shape and fill-in the brows (this thing has lasted forever, definitely worth the $$$). I go over that with the Essence brow mascara - which is brillant!


If you follow me on this blog you may know that I am not a lipstick fan. Don't get me wrong, I'll keep trying them but they're not my favorites. 

This lipstick was sent to me by Bdellium Tools in the color Helen of Troy to try. So I gave it a shot. It's a great neutral pink and goes with this look great. Also it's not too matte or too shiny and not drying at all. The wear on this was impressive too, it lasted about 3-4 hours on me (a win for sure!). So even though I may not reach for this all the time, I do think it's a really great product and worth a look at for you lipstick ladies. 


Bdellium Tools (pronounced dell-ee-um, if you want to know!) sent me 2 brushes and a lipstick to try for review. I already own a Bdellium fluffy eyeshadow brush that is well loved and well used. It's amazing quality so I jumped at the chance to work with them and try out some of their other brushes. Their Bambu lines are cruelty-free and in multiple fun colors. I am partial to the green - but they have yellow, pink and purple as well.

They brushes they sent me are:

Both brushes are great quality, haven't shed, and are sturdy.

The 990 is definitely the star of this show. It's absolutely amazing! I used it for my bronzer/contour in this look. It just blends the product in so easily, it's like a dream. I couldn't believe it at first - but the soft pliable bristles don't grab too much product and help effortlessly sweep it on your face. Needless to say, I'm in love <3

The 760 is much more confusing to me. It's very very tiny. I think this brush would be really suited for someone who either uses a gel liner or draws individual hairs when filling in their brows (I do neither). For me, the best option was to use it to pack shadow over my liquid liner. It did this really well and was really precise, so it definitely did it's job. But I wouldn't recommend going out and buying it only for that.

I love this look as it a quick 5 minute makeup that makes me look done, awake, and ready to tackle the day... a perfect cover to the half-asleep zombie person I really am at 5:00 a.m!

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  1. 5 am?? I thought 5:30 was ruff, I enjoy my RMS Beauty coconut oil pots, I can use my fingers and they blend really well plus they are so versitile. Excellent for busy mornings!