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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Wishlist With No T-Shirts

Recently in my life there have been more reasons than ever for me to dress up a little on the weekends for a night out. Whether it's a comedy show, dancing, dinner, or a date; sometimes a girl wants to feel fancy!

For these events I open my closet to find something to wear and inevitably stomp out in frustration after five minutes! What's my issues, you ask... Well about 95% of my wardrobe is t-shirts.

I think a lot of my issues are because I don't know what kind of blouses I like... and am a touch picky. So usually I give up and buy the comfy t-shirt when shopping. I have a large chest, broad shoulders, and a big tummy. Blouses are hard for me as they're often too tight for my shoulders or chest or stomach. Or they show off my not-so-pretty bra. And for going out I want to be cute AND comfortable (come on designers!). As a lady who wears jeans and flats most of the time I depend on the top to dress up my outfit.

So with all of that in mind I searched way too many websites to see what designs, colors, and fits I liked. Below is my wishlist and great start for future shopping to fill in this terrible gap in my wardrobe.

Going Out Wishlist

As you can see I like the longer, flowy tops to cover my ever present stomach even when my arms are above my head. Anyone else dance like that (wave 'em like you just don't care)? 

Also, I tried to include some things I'm not so comfortable with to push my boundaries a bit. I'm not into frills, ruffles, patterns, etc... But I did find some of these tops with just enough pizzazz to excite, not overwhelm me. As you can see I'm into the lace-up shirt trend; so sexy! I like that some of these have longer sleeves to cover my arms without looking dowdy. And of course I'm really loving the touches of lace.

So what do you think of these for going out tops? What do you like to wear on a date or night of dancing?

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