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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What I Packed for Costa Rica

I can't believe I'm already gone and back from my vacation to Costa Rica. It was amazing but definitely not long enough. However, I plan on savouring my trip with a lot of pictures and a few blog posts. So watch out for the next few weeks here to see what I got up to at Secrets Papagayo in Costa Rica.

Make a List

I'm always nervous about packing. I mean I dream about it, obsess, and mildly freak out. I feel like I'll forget something important. So to combat this I've developed a habit of writing a list so I don't forget anything. Below is what my list looks like... a little over-the-top, yes. But let me tell you... I didn't forget anything this trip! Yay!

For this post I'll focus on the clothes I brought. I actually had to go out and buy almost an entirely new summer wardrobe for this tip! I am not the most confident when it comes to summer dressing. What can I say? You can hide a multitude of sins behind layers, small clothes and thin fabrics haven't been my friends. So I needed pretty much everything for this trip... swimsuits, shorts, blouses, coverups, etc...

What to Pack

Of course, you're list might be different but this is what I brought on my trip and they served me well! Costa Rica is a tropical environment right above the equator, so I packed all warm weather clothes and swimwear. However, after being there, I would have liked to bring a skirt for dinners as I felt a bit underdressed. 


Swimsuits - I definitely recommend at least 2 swimsuits, I learned the hard way that humid environments mean things don't dry. And putting on a wet swimsuit is hard and disgusting! Between your legs ends up feeling like a heavy-flow day on your "time of the month" and it's just not fun. I brough these 2:

A white swimsuit from Asos that's very girlie with lace and ruffles. But bewarned big-boobed ladies, I needed a safety pin to cage in my ladies in the water (they tend to get a mind of their own)! 

A coloful swimsuit from Target with a lace-up back. I figured this would conteract the white swimsuit as it covers the ladies while showing some back. Also the pattern on this one makes it really flattering.

Coverup - Well you gotta have a cover-up! It's nice to wear on the way to the beach and back and it looks cute too! I got mine from Marshalls (similar here, here, and here)


Shorts - Ok, buying shorts for me is about as fun as a pap smear, but lasts longer! I've got some thighs people, and day-to-day I'm okay with that, but when I was trying on shorts I struggled. I learned that they'd look cute while standing but when I sat my thigh fat would squish out like playdough... not cute! But I did find 3 shorts that I'd like and you know the trick? Stretchy fabric! All 3 are stretchy and so when you sit they keep covering my thighs instead of becoming implements of torture. The jean shorts are from Target and the 2 other from H&M (and they're only $12!).

Jeans - Yes, I know, jeans in a humid and hot place should be a sin! But hear me out, these jeans are very thin and stretchy so I was able to wear them with no problems. And they're embroidered! I've been looking for embroidered jeans forever. Again these are from Marshalls and so I don't have a link... but there are embroidered jeans everywhere!


My only requirements for tops for this trip were breezy, thin, and sleeveless! It's hot in Costa Rica, so I thought sleeves might be a little much. Here are the shirts I brought, or similar options (Gray, White Eyelet Similar, Floral, Black Tanks Similar Here and Here)

Whew! Well that's pretty much it, I did throw in some workout clothes and few extra t-shirts. So how do you pack for vacation? Lists? Last minute?



  1. Wow, your list is so detailed - I love it! I don't have a written list, and inevitably end up forgetting a thing or two. Sigh. Hope Costa Rica was fun!

    1. Ha ha it's the OCD side of me. And a good list makes me so happy!