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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Anti-Haul - What I Don't Want to Buy

I feel like sometimes as a blogger (millenial, female, and just myself) I tend to talk a lot about the things I want to buy. What I want, all the time - can make me envious, self-indulgent, and down on myself. Now, of course I'm very grateful for everything I have and do appreciate the things and the not-things in my life. 

Sometimes we just need a reminder of all the things we don't need. So when I saw The Anna Edit and Phyrra do anti-hauls on their channel I was inspired to do one as well.

Below are the things that I don't feel the need to buy this summer! 

Flat Sandals - anti-haul

#1 - Flat Sandals

Or slides or mules... Although I think flat sandals are really cute, my feet are having none of it. With my plantar faciitis and flat feet, I have to wear sandals (all shoes for that matter) with support. Thank God Burkenstocks are back in fashion... and when they're not I'll still be over here rocking them.

Ruffles - Anti-Haul

#2 - Anything with Ruffles

I've never been a "girly" girl when it comes to dressing. I've been dabbling a little more in the feminine realm these last few years but I just don't feel comfortable in flouncy unstructured clothing. And then they go and add ruffles to everything. I know it's gauche right now but I'll stick to classic, simple sillhouettes and leave the ruffles to other ladies.

Fake Tan - Anti-Haul

#3 - Fake Tan

Oh damn... I might be the only person on the planet to say this but I hate fake tanning! The smell, the sitting, the orangeness, the streaks, getting an even color, and having to do it all again in a week. It's just too much, I'll just stay pastey, thank you!

Makeup - Anti-Haul

#4 - Summer-Proof Makeup

Obviously I love wearing and doing my makeup as much as the next gal. However, summer rolls around and we all become obsessed with our makeup lasting forever. But you know what, I'm going to let my skin shine through this month. I bought a very light coverage Coola BB cream with a matte tint to even me out a bit and protect. Then it's all about a bit of concealer and glow and eyes! I'm into the easy, minimal makeup look in summer so if (when) it melts off I'll look more glowy and less like a child in my mother's makeup after a steamy shower. But one thing that I'll still wear and recommend for regular summer days or events is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. This shit is legit, your makeup will last longer!

Basket Bags - Anti-Haul

#5 - Basket Bags

Is it just me or shouldn't there be more to a bag than a basket? I need pockets and organization and a damn place for my phone! It makes me anxious just thinking about all my possessions jostling around in a basket vying for a position at the top. Nope, just nope, I need pockets and a zipper! 

I hope you liked this post and have thought about some of the current trends you won't be needing this season! Happy summer to you all!

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