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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trunk Club Review and Try On

So I'll admit it, fashion and style are not my strengths. I like them and strive to have a wardrobe I love and that's inspiring and exciting, but I'm definitely not there yet. To help me toward my goal, I enlisted the help of a stylist via Trunk Club.

The Low Down

Trunk Club is a subscription service where you get a box monthly full of clothes/accessories/shoes (10 items total). It is connected with Nordstrom so all the brands can be found through the main store as well. The cost is $25 a month (unless you have a Nordstrom Debit/Credit Card, then it's free!). The process is:
  1. Talk with your stylist
  2. Get a preview of your trunk - Choose any items you want to remove (the stylist will provide backups that you don't get an opinion on)
  3. Receive your trunk
  4. Try on clothes for 5 days
  5. Choose which items to keep and return, note online - Include good notes so your stylist can provide great options in the next trunk
  6. Schedule a UPS Pickup for returns

My Experience with Trunk Club

First, you signup and enter all your sizes, likes, attach a Pinterest board, etc... Then your stylist will contact you to ask more specific questions and get a feel for you style. My stylist, Ali was really nice and asked a lot of questions that helped me figure out my style. We chatted back and forth for a few days and I sent her a Pinterest board I liked.

She sent me the preview of the trunk and I nixed two items that I just didn't think would work for me. I provided detailed feedback so Ali would know why I didn't want them. Next, she sent me my trunk and it arrived about 3 days after she sent it. FYI, I found out you have so sign for the trunk so I had to piack mine up at the UPS store.

Then I got to trying all the clothes on. I would like to say that this part was a blast! I loved getting to try everything on with my own clothes and practices my model moves. Take a look at what I thought of my trunk below:

Dresses are for Ladies

Although I'm not really a "dress lady" I asked Ali to send me some dresses as I am trying to find some that I like for those special occasions.

This is a skirt top combo - cute pattern and pretty color but I just didn't think it was very flattering on me.

Wow, this is very girlie! I did think the cut was flattering but I didn't feel like myself in it at all. 

Pants are for Bosses

Much more my taste. I like high-waisted skinny/slim pants to highlight my curvy figure.

I really like these green pants, they're casual and comfy and flattering, but they were about $230 and didn't seem like anything special enough for that price tag. 

I also received this top (sorry for the black bra underneath) and I wasn't feeling the fabric, color or fit.

These high-wasted pinstripe trousers were awesome. I really liked the style and fit and thought they flattered my waist. But they were a little too tight and I hate being uncomfortable, so unfortunately they had to go back.

Flowy Feminine Tops

I for sure need some more fun, feminine tops in my wardrobe so I was excited to try all of these tops. 

One of my favorites in the trunk - stripes and small bell sleeves kept it from being too over-the-top. But damnit, it was too big! I will be searching Nordstrom for a smaller size.

I wasn't sure about this shirt in the box, but on I loved it! Again, there was a small issue with fit - if I even breathed too deep my stomach would pop out from under the hem. It was just too short in the front. But I love it, so now I'm on the hunt for something similar but longer. Suggestions?!?

The pattern on this top is beautiful, but other than that I had nothing good to say. It's a very boxy cut with really wide bell sleeves - how wide am I supposed to look? It was also too big and had buttons down the from with a gap that showed bra and belly (not my look).

I was surprised at how flattering this color was for me, but the shape, again was not. Another boxy cut with huge (I think I could've flown!) sleeves. It was all just too much for me.

And the Jacket

As far as bomber jackets go, this is actually a flattering one, and the lace detail on the back is pretty cool. I'm not sure though that I'd get much use out of it as the fabric was canvas and the back open lace - I'd be hot and freezing at the same time. Also the color kind of washed me out. 

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, I didn't end up keeping anything. But I still feel like this is a valuable experience and I'll definitely try another trunk. There were some promosing pieces and I tried some things I would never have in store. I thought I'd love the bell-sleeved tops and I've learned I need to try for a more slimming cut. Also, I never thought I'd look good in paper-bag waisted pants and I really liked them. 

So overall I would recommend giving Trunk Club a try if you, like me, need some style help. If you've tried this or similar services, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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