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Monday, February 22, 2016

Makeup Brushes I Need In My Life

Makeup Brush Wishlist

First, let's just take a moment to enjoy and relish in the beauty of these brushes! They're all beautiful, fluffy, and amazingly soft looking... you know for a picture.

Really quick, my current brush collection is not bad, but I am definitely missing some of those luxuriously soft powder, contour, and blush brushes that one MUST have to for her makeup brush collection to be complete.

Above are the four brushes I feel that my collection really needs and these are the cruelty-free brands that I really like and/or just want to try.

Sigma - F04 Extreme Structure Contour 
This brush is small so it can fit into the contours of your cheekbones, forehead, nose, etc... And for us gals who have smaller faces, a small brush like this is perfect. Also, I think the fact that it's still rounded would help with blending out the contour.

Bdellium Tools - Green Bambu 962 Slanted Blusher
I have 1 Bdellium Tools brush (Green Bambu 787) for blending out eye shadow and I LOVE it! The brush is a good weight in your hand, has stood up really well to washing, and just does the job seamlessly. So of course now I want more. And I would like an actual blush brush (I use slim powder brushes now) to place the blush where I want and blend it out.

It Cosmetics - 211 All Over Powder Brush
Ok, so I don't know if I need this brush, but come on it just looks awesome and who doesn't want to just powder the beejesus out of their face with a crazy soft fluffy brush? It's so fluffy!

Too Faced - Mr. Right Perfect Powder Brush
I have been wanting a tapered powder brush to gently place powder in the places I need it, especially the under-eye area. I think this would be great for that purpose, and just look at it... bow tie! Swoon...

What brushes do you have and love or just want to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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